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Scorbunny – new pattern

It’s always exciting when news about a new Pokémon game drops. I have played all the main Pokémon games, from red when I was just 7, through to Moon last year. The first time I played it I didn’t know any English, so it was pretty hard getting through the game. For example – I managed to delete the potion you have to give to that man in the road in the beginning of the game, so I had to start over again, hehe.

As soon as the news about Pokémon Sword and Shield came out, I knew I had to crochet all of the new starter pokémon, and after browsing through my yarn, I found the perfect colours for Scorbunny! It took me some research looking at the info Internet could give me, and watching the trailer again and again. Does it have a tail?! I decided on yes, and added a tail to my design (hope that’s not wrong). Also that extra bit of fur (?) on the ear, is that permanent or just because of the pose? And if you’re not a fire-starter type, I’ll be making a pattern for Grookey and Sobble as soon as possible (just need a tiny bit of food and sleep in between the crocheting).

I hope you like the pattern, you can find it HERE

Crochet and love,

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