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Halloween patterns – Ben the Bat and Terry the Tarantula

This week for “my first project” – I have compiled a couple of Halloween-patterns. They are both short and easy projects, perfect for first time crocheters, or someone just looking for quick projects for this holiday! Underneath you can see the materials you need, and links to tutorials explaining the techniques that are being used for these two patterns!

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Scorbunny – new pattern

It’s always exciting when news about a new Pokémon game drops. I have played all the main Pokémon games, from red when I was just 7, through to Moon last year. The first time I played it I didn’t know any English, so it was pretty hard getting through the game. For example – I managed to delete the potion you have to give to that man in the road in the beginning of the game, so I had to start over again, hehe.

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Ko Totoro / Small Totoro pattern

I’ve always loved the Studio Ghibli films and the characters in them. I remember watching Spirited Away with my sister when we were younger, and the magic of the worlds of Hayao Miyazaki blew us away. So for the next week – and continuing with the My First Project series, I will post patterns for the three Totoros, from “My Neighbour Totoro” – starting with the smallest one. To keep the Totoros increasing in size, this first one is tiny, and perfect for a keychain! After the three weeks I will also put up a free pdf of all the Totoros bundles togheter as one pattern if you prefer the pdf-version. I am so excited to share these patterns with you over the next few weeks, and with no further ado, here we go!

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Super Mario Mushroom pattern

This pattern is the first in a series called “my first project” – these patterns are easy to follow and quick to do, making them the perfect project to start crocheting! I remember my first project about ten years ago, which was similar to this one – I made a tiny little mushroom, and was soo proud when I was finished!

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Welcome to

Hello fellow amigurumi friends!

I am so happy to finally have started this page and blog to be able to reach out to all you fellow crocheters out there. I have been blogging my free patterns in Norwegian for the past 7 years, but I have missed having a larger community of people to share my patterns with and to geek over cute amigurumis! I hope you find something you like here, and please let me know through the «contact»-tab, social media, or comment here if there is anything I can help you with, you have a question, or a suggestion for a pattern you would like to find on this page! And please share your creations with me using the hashtag #amigurumino

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