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Super Mario Mushroom pattern

This pattern is the first in a series called “my first project” – these patterns are easy to follow and quick to do, making them the perfect project to start crocheting! I remember my first project about ten years ago, which was similar to this one – I made a tiny little mushroom, and was soo proud when I was finished!

The materials you need:
a 3mm crochet hook
black and white felt
red and white yarn
toy stuffing
a scissor

If you are using materials you already have at hand at home, make sure the yarn and crochet hook are a good fit, you can see on the label of the yarn what kind of crochet hook you need.

The techniques you need to know:
Magic ring
Single crochet (SC)
Increasing (2in1)
Decreasing (2to1)

Let’s get started!


Start with red yarn

Round 1: 5sc in magic ring (5)

Round 2: [2in1] x5 (10)

Round 3: [1sc, 2in1 ] x5 (15)

Round 4: [2sc, 2in1] x5 (20)

Round 5: [3sc, 2in1] x5 (25)

Round 6: [4sc, 2in1] x5 (30)

Round 7-9: 3 rounds only sc (30)

Round 10: [4sc, 2to1] x5 (25)

Round 11: [3sc, 2to1] x5 (20)

Change to white yarn

Round 12-14: 3 rounds only sc (20)

Round 15: [2sc, 2to1] x5 (15)

Round 16: [1sc, 2to1] x5 (10)

Stuff the mushroom

Round 17: [2to1] x5 (5)

Sew the little hole shut. Grab some black and white felt and cut out and glue on the dots and eyes.

Hope you enjoyed this first instalment of “my first project”. Happy crocheting!

Crochet and love,

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