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Scorbunny – new pattern

It’s always exciting when news about a new Pokémon game drops. I have played all the main Pokémon games, from red when I was just 7, through to Moon last year. The first time I played it I didn’t know any English, so it was pretty hard getting through the game. For example – I managed to delete the potion you have to give to that man in the road in the beginning of the game, so I had to start over again, hehe.

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Super Mario Mushroom pattern

This pattern is the first in a series called “my first project” – these patterns are easy to follow and quick to do, making them the perfect project to start crocheting! I remember my first project about ten years ago, which was similar to this one – I made a tiny little mushroom, and was soo proud when I was finished!

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Welcome to

Hello fellow amigurumi friends!

I am so happy to finally have started this page and blog to be able to reach out to all you fellow crocheters out there. I have been blogging my free patterns in Norwegian for the past 7 years, but I have missed having a larger community of people to share my patterns with and to geek over cute amigurumis! I hope you find something you like here, and please let me know through the «contact»-tab, social media, or comment here if there is anything I can help you with, you have a question, or a suggestion for a pattern you would like to find on this page! And please share your creations with me using the hashtag #amigurumino

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